Fully customizable for your website

Built different widgets for different languages or parts of your website. Detailed statistics for your reporting with export function.

File formats

Pictures, Videos, Files, Locations and URLs

With one click you can sent a message to all your registered customers. Opening rates (> 92%).


Detailed Reporting

Receive subscription statistics by day, week, month, delivering and opening rates, as well as click through statistics of your sent links. All can be exported for your own reports.

Additional features


Multiuser- and multitenancy. Your team will get used to it easy & fast.


Service times

Setup service times, to receive and sent messages only when someone is on duty.


We do not accept Spam. Therefore each customer, subscriber, fan will only receive messages he want and he subcscribed himself before.

URL Shortener

Automatically shortens long urls. Additionally brings you detailed click through statistics.

Automatic replies

Setup automatic replies on incoming messages by phrases (i.e. pause, menu, open)



Setup your own labels/tags to tag messages in the chats for a better structure and to search by filter

CRM Connection

Integrate Whappodo directly in your existing CRM solution like Zendesk, Salesforce or others


Schedule your news/broadcast bei day and time in advance


From small business to global player, our solutions fits your needs